Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cubed Braid

Another hair post!

I got this inspiration from one of the blogs I read.  She finally decided to make videos so it's easier to follow!

Things you will need: the usual suspects

Optional: Use generously to eliminate tangles

Make a high ponytail

Divide hair into 3 equal parts
As usual, the most difficult/ complicated part, I did not document.  I attempted to make Karl assist but it was so frustrating that he couldn't follow what I wanted him to do.  Basically the middle bunch of hair you split in half and put the hair in between.  Every time a bunch of hair goes to the middle, you split it in half.

View from here- Braid!

View from there- It's still a braid!
As usual, here's an easier version how to understand it, a YouTube Video by Princess Piggies.

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