Monday, October 17, 2011

I Have Never...

Whenever I had to play "I have never..." game in college, I always used to tell them that I have never ridden a bus to commute in the Philippines.  I have ridden them in other countries.  I have ridden them here for field trips but I have never ridden them to commute.  Taxis, jeepneys, tricycles, roro- check!  Bus, not quite.

Took the red route

We still had some spare time before going to our next errand for the day and I noticed that there was a bus that kept on passing by the restaurant.  I made usi and found out that there was a bus that went around Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  We found the bus stop and the lady waiting for the bus was kind enough to tell us that the ride costs P12 per person and kids are free (Well, Mia was free.  I don't know until what age they considered free!).

Mia with the social bus

Doesn't this look rideable or what?

Happy commuters

The bus was spacious and clean.  I have never ridden any buses here so I don't really have a benchmark but I was not cringing nor was Karl.  We got to enjoy going around BGC.  After the end of the route in Market Market, there was even a special bomb guard (I don't know what you formally call them) who checked the bus to see if there were any suspicious bags or items left by the commuters.

Good experience for Mia and I.  Now I have to think of something else to say when I play "I have never" again...

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