Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curling Hair with No Heat Part I

I have 2 ways of curling Mia's hair with no heat. The first way, I learned through YouTube, the other way I just discovered when my mom bought this in Divisoria (Like SM, they've got it all for you).  I'll show the YouTube version some other time but here is how you do the Divi version.

So not in the mood for a demo
I prefer doing it in a ponytail
 Make sure her hair is slightly wet.

 Section her ponytail.  Use gel or mousse to keep the curls.

The more barrels you use, the better the curls will come out.

Keep hair in place like this for as long as you can.  The longer you keep it here, the longer it will last.  I kept her hair like this for around 5 hours.  The nice thing about the barrels is that on its own, it actually looks like a decent hairstyle.  Or maybe I just keep telling myself that.  Hehe...

TADA!  This isn't even styled yet!

Happy Achie Mia
The YouTube version lasts more.  This is easier to do but the curls come out faster.  I think hair texture would also play a vital part.  Since Mia's hair is really smooth and silky, it comes out faster than normal.  Maybe if I did it to myself, it will stay in place longer.

Curling apparatus is only P150!  What a steal...  My cousin told me she saw this online too.  If you're interested, I can ask where she saw this online.

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