Saturday, October 8, 2011

Frankly My Deer

Last year, for our annual anniversary trip, Karl and I went to Japan.  We decided on going around the Kansai region, Osaka and Kyoto.  Since it was in the area, we decided to take a quick day trip to Nara.

Let's play count the deer

Tame deer roam around Nara. According to the legendary history of the Kasuga shrine, the mythological God named Takemikazuchi arrived in Nara riding a white deer to guard the newly built capital.  Since then, deer have been regarded as heavenly animals.

Grabe ng build up ko.  Zzzz....

Anyway, when we arrived in Nara, they distribute maps to show you places you should go to and what to expect in town.  Of course, these maps wouldn't be there without any advertisements.  I saw this little cute ad and I told Karl we had to go there to buy it for Mia so she has something to remember our trip by.  Pasok ang excuse!

Without further ado, since the weather killed our trip again.  Might as well have something else to talk about.  It took more than a year for her to fit in it.  We had to wait for her to grow.  Actually, it's still big but we like buying things big anyways, to maximize use.

Deer Jacket! with antlers and all

With spots and detachable tail: Isn't that adorable?
I would tell you where to find this exactly but I can't find the map we got.  It's somewhere in our house.  It's 5,800 Yen for children, if you're feeling young at heart but not so young, really, they have a size for you too for 6,800 Yen.

Open from 10am- 6pm.  You can reach them at 0742-94-5318 or email

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