Monday, October 3, 2011

October Fest

When you're a mom and it's October, there's only one thing you fuss about.


I had fond memories of Halloween when I was a child.  My frustration was never going to Ayala Alabang for trick or treat.  I heard a house there made their maid and driver pose as Jasmine and Aladdin on top of their house in a carpet.  Is this true or urban legend?  Anyways, as Mia's mom, I have taken it upon myself to make sure she makes the most out of her childhood with all her Halloween memories.  Lahat nang pwedeng puntahan, pupuntahan.

2007: 2 months old.  She went out to get her candies!

2008: Awkward bald stage after the first birthday

Mia as a Japanese waitress (see she even has a name tag).  Unfortunately, her yaya had to carry her around since she barely knew how to walk then so noone got to see her tray of plastic sushis.

2008: Random stuff lola bought in SM. Ignore lola's untrimmed eyebrows! Haha.

2008: BatMia

She didn't go out of the house in this costume but I thought this deserves blog space.  Haha.

2009: All out! Baby Bop

This was a super hot costume.  You could feel the hot air inside her costume.  My daughter is such a trooper or maybe she just wanted to impress me and not complain!

2009: Minnie Mouse

2010: Aurora

2010: Flight stewardess
Mia did not like this costume.  She wore this to school.  All her friends were princesses and fairies and she was something she had no concept of.

2011: She changed already :S

She is super kinda stuck in the princess stage right now.  Mainstream princess.  Being a stage mom that I am, I keep on telling her, she won't win any prizes if we just keep on doing Disney princesses.  I told her she can be a princess, a blue one!  Princess Neytiri from Avatar.  Unfortunately, it's not sitting well with her.  I am nowhere near convincing her.

Her tito already got her a costume, but we have blue paint just in case she allows mama.  Haha.


  1. still need my help for this year?:) yun pa dn ba gusto mo na costume?--meme

  2. I'm still thinking how I will outwit outwill outplay and survive! Di ko pa alam how i will scheme and make her say yes with painting herself blue!

  3. smurf na lng kaya at least blue pa dn... smurfette

  4. Sorry, she's smarter than the average bear. Ayaw niya anything blue!