Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Signature Pose

I am inspired by Bianca Gonzales' tumbling shot pose.  Check out her September 10, 2011 entry (I can't link it directly, you have to look for it).  Amazing!  Makes me want to have my signature pose.  No, I will not do a model pose like Mia's.  That's her signature.

Anyways, take that Kim Chiu!  Yes, I know she's not competing with me but I think mine is fairly decent.  So I guess this was the pose they were channeling for this advertisement.

Pigeon pose. I made the picture distorted. Duh.

My officemate suggested this be my signature pose.  Hindi ko kaya!
  1. My clothes will get dirty.
  2. I will look ridiculous.
  3. I will look ridiculous.
  4. I will look ridiculous.
  5. My husband will disown me.
This list is in no particular order.

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