Friday, October 14, 2011

Urban Ashram Manila

Finally!  Another fitness post!

It took me awhile to blog about this because my camera makes a sound while taking pictures and I was scared they would tell me taking pictures is not allowed.  Dork!

Funky lockers!

I was lucky enough to snag a Deal Dozen coupon for Urban Ashram Manila.  I have been very curious about other kinds of yogas since I was doing Bikram but I never really had a compelling reason to try them.  P500 for 15 consecutive days!  I'm sold!  Haha, PG.
Love their bathrooms!
Urban Ashram Manila is the first and only yoga studio in the Philippines that is a member of the Green Yoga Association which is a community of yoga studios who are committed to earth-friendly and responsible practices. The studio capitalizes on natural lighting and ventilation as a means to conserve energy.
Free use of Manduka mats

They have different classes to choose from: Vinyasa Flow, FNR, Ashtanga and Hatha.  With my work schedule, so far, I have only been able to try Vinyasa Flow and FNR.  All I can say is, I have never done so many upward and downward dogs in my life! 
Shampoo/Conditioner and Soap from Ritual Shop
 These are the reasons why I love the studio:
  1. Free use of mats and toiletries (with Lemongrass scent, feeling mo L'Occitane!).
  2. Very clean- An ate cleans the mats and the room right after the class.
  3. Spacious bathroom (4 showers and 3 toilers).  I don't have kaaway in getting in the shower first!
  4. Nice teachers- Martin and JP.  If you want hard classes take Marc or Martin.
I still have a week left in the studio.  I don't sweat as much as Bikram so it's worrying me if I'm burning the same calories.  Depending on the class you're taking, each class runs for 75-90 minutes.

For first timers, they have a promo of P1,000 for 15 consecutive days of practice.  Since they don't have class on Sundays, they are even generous to add 2 more days in the 15 consecutive days count.  They are also offering a great deal for their current 15 day pass holders:
  • P10,000 full payment for 3 months unlimited class
  • P4,000/month deferred payment for 6 months unlimited class
  • P3,800/month deferred payment for 1 year unlimited class
This offer is valid until October 15 only.

For more information, you can check out their website.  You can also reach them through (02) 377-YOGA / (02) 661-YOGA or +63917-881-YOGA.  I really hate it when they write the word instead of just putting the numbers.  I mean it's easier to remember but most phones now are Qwerty!  If you want to dropby, just go to Suite 302, 3rd Level, 3 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.  It's on the same street as Ace Water Spa.

Just in case you're interested in their toiletries, Ritual Shop is located in The Collective 7274 Malugay Street Makati.

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  1. Wish I can finally give this a shot!!! Reminds me of an improved Pulse with the amenities. You know me--I always get sold with those amenities instead of what I actually paid for! hahaha.