Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tan - Worak Nuptials

Two weeks ago, one of my cousins got married. He was the reason why we planned this. His wedding was a long time coming.  So of course, we were very happy it happened.  Sandee, welcome to the family!

The wedding was held in Mary the Queen.  The reception followed at Makati Shangri-la.
Some pictures from the reception.  

This is where I forced Karl and Mia to have a family picture. Am I a mother or what?
The menu.  Nomnomnom...


Main course. I always end up forgetting to take all the pictures of the food!

Props for the contest. We lost :S Cream puffs and bread stick not really included.

The usual mowdel pose

Heart heart heart
I crammed my dress.  The wedding was Sunday.  I bought my dress the day before.  I love going to Tyler because I usually find something to wear.  I don't think their prices are that expensive for weddings just don't buy their regular day wear.  I have been a victim of getting things made with a mananahi and they don't end up as expected and they come out expensive! What a bummer.  So I'd rather buy clothes that I know what they look like than get something customized and not wanting it in the end.

I went to 4 Tylers in a span of a week just to find the right dress.  Tyler Rockwell had something but was ugly in the butt part.  It was a week before the event, I was not hell bent on getting anything yet (CRAMMER!). Tyler Glorietta had annoying SAs who didn't know what to give me.  They were giving me the most hideous things.  Did they think I was poor?  Tyler Shangri-la had this dress that I eventually bought in nude but it had some defects.  Tyler Greenbelt was my last resort where I found my dress.  Thank you Nica for the suggestion.  Always go to Tyler Greenbelt first! Got it.

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