Sunday, August 21, 2011

Army Navy at Nuvali

I had an errand to do in Nuvali.  Since it was my family's first time there, we decided to go around and see what we can do there.

We left Manila late so we got there just in time for brunch.  Okay, so we weren't late, we were just hungry.  Karl and I have been thinking of trying Army Navy, since they had one here, might as well.

They had Fearless Fried Chicken in their menu.  Kids + Fried Chicken = No brainer.  I don't know anyone who doesn't like fried chicken (Unless you're allergic, and you know who you are! Hehe...).  Unfortunately, while we were ordering, we found out they didn't have fried chicken. Mia doesn't really like anything that requires ALOT of chewing e.g. pork and beef.  They had egg for additional toppings for their burger.  We improvised.  Mia ate egg and rice.  Don't judge.  That's seriously her favorite food.  Who would have thought she was going to eat that in Army Navy?  Hehe...

Fried chicken egg and rice

Burger, fries and iced tea

The burger was good but if you go for a classic with fries and their Libertea iced tea, you won't get full.  My husband was tempted to buy more food, I stopped him.  We did order a strawberry milkshake after Mia finished her meal.  It was good!  Definitely better than McDonald's very inconsistent milkshakes.

Love this shot! Ako lang ba?

Goofing around...

Army Navy is located at Solenad 2 in Nuvali.  This opened last July 2011.  You can find different food and shopping establishments.  Some are still under construction but some are already operating.  Nine West has an outlet here.  I scored a pair of black flats for P1,500 from its original price of P4,450! Winner.

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