Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Giveaway Idea

I saw this idea from Karl’s officemate’s son’s birthday party. I thought it was a cute giveaway so I decided I should do this for Mia’s birthday.

Check out the lower left picture. Sample lang. Mia's friend is not Blake!
As usual, as the Queen of Malas, I couldn’t find any free printables with a decent design! This was the best I could do with Google.  Yes, it’s for weddings, but if you squint at the design I chose, the sample says 12th birthday! A birthday is a happy day after all.

My peg

Oh Orion! We meet again.

Tools of trade:
1.       Cutter and ruler- I prefer this combo much better than scissors. For better O.C. results, use these but scissors will do, really.
2.       Bond paper
3.       Printer
4.       Gluestick- I like this more than the regular liquid glue. Some printer’s printouts come out distorted when it gets wet.
5.       Chocolate bars

Is she really the right endorser? I heard she eats tissue/paper. I'm serious.
The design requires you to buy a 5 oz chocolate. Translation: Hershey’s.  A more in depth translation: Expensive.  So I decided to resize the design to fit the chocolates I bought. Translation: Goya.  A more in depth translation: Local.  A very in depth translation (politically correct): Affordable.

Download the design.  Make sure the layout fits the chocolate size of your choice.  Print!  For more eco-friendly results, try to put in as much per page. I was supposed to use scratch paper but my husband disallowed me to use his scratch papers.  Company confidentiality!

Cut out white sides
Insert chocolate
Secure with glue
Fold the paper. Put the chocolate inside. Hello Kim Chiu! I doubt you eat Goya, or any chocolates for that matter. Secure with glue.

Now, doesn’t that look much better than the plain chocolate wrappers?

 Then, distribute! Enjoy.

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  1. In fairness C! You're maabilidad! I'll keep reading yours! Read mine haha!! I love how you're so witty with mundane everyday experiences! I LOVE IT!