Monday, August 29, 2011

Yumemiya Japanese Cafe

So the weather did not cooperate...

I was crossing my fingers and toes that the sun would shine but it did not so we opted to stay in the city for the long weekend.

Last night, I requested Karl to take the "dogs" out (That's me and Mia).  Since it was raining, I was craving for some soup, like ramen.  I did not want to go to Ukkokei since that's our default ramen place and I just wanted to try something new.  We have a bad habit of not trying new things that includes restaurants.  Karl and I were trying to ask Mia where she wanted to eat (Yes, we make a 4 year old decide our schedule) and she kept on saying Cibo.  I didn't want to eat there because I knew Mia only wanted to eat there because of her Ahia's new free Cibo umbrella that she wanted to get.

I knew there was a ramen place that opened in Northeast Square, Connecticut but I couldn't put my finger on the name of the restaurant but we went to that compound anyways.  Since that was the first Japanese restaurant I spotted, not counting the Japanese Supermarket/Grocery in the same building, we went inside the restaurant.  Haha. Wrong move.

Did you really want to eat here, mom?

It turned out they had no ramen, sushis, sashimis and makis!  Death of me.  The food was a Japanese-Italian fusion similar to UCC and Capricciosa.  Ironically, Mia and I ended up eating noodles(Seafood Pasta), something we could have eaten in Cibo.  It was good.  There is something with Japanese-Italian Restaurants and how they make their pasta really al dente.

Seafood Pasta... Before


Karl ate some curry.  It was mildly spicy just the way we like it.  Karl had to drink alot of water though.  Heehee... Low tolerance.

Beef Curry... Before


We spent P800 for the 2 dishes for 3 heads.  We didn't get drinks anymore just water.  I would give them brownie points for the ambiance but I'm not sure if it's only just because the place is new.

Clean and cozy just the way we like it

Told you mom, we should have eaten in Cibo look

Yumemiya Japanese Cafe is one of those restaurants nice to try.  It wouldn't be on the top of my list for something I would actually crave for but I wouldn't mind going back once in a while(like maybe once a year or two?).

If you want to check it out, Yumemiya Japanese Cafe is located at 47 Northeast Square Bldg., Connecticut Street, Greenhills.  Open from Monday- Thursday, Sunday from 7am- 11pm, Friday from 7am- 12 midnight.  You can call them (02) 721-0700 or (02) 722-4838.

P.S. Turns out their specialty is udon.  Mental note to google on restaurants specialties before dropping by.  Hmmm... Come to think of it, I did ask the waitress and she didn't suggest that to me. Boo.

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