Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mia's party in school

Mia had her birthday party in school on her real birthday.  She was SO excited to turn 4 years old just for this.  I actually had some thing to use for bribing her if she did not want to listen.  "You don't want to do drink milk? Okay no party." Yes, yes, bad mother, I know.

In school: on the Birthday wall
Behind the scenes, crazy mother was figuring out how to get the cake from the bakeshop and fix the food in tupperwares for the kids to bring home just in case they didn't finish it (which was usually always the case).

Thrilled to have both her lolas there
After the snacks and the blowing of the cake, the kids were gathered around and the teachers gave Mia a compiled card of what the kids "wished" or wanted to give her for her birthday.  Some kids "gave" her flowers, Angry birds (popular choice), birthday cake, but 1 kid gave her a more unique gift.  His "gift" for Mia was "I got Married to Mia" and there was a picture of them together.

Protecting the candle from the aircon or from her friends?

This is probably Mia's last "big" birthday bash in school.  Next year, she's going to traditional school already.  I don't recall ever having parties in my big school (where I hope Mia will attend next year).  It was bittersweet knowing this was the last time I was doing this for her in this school.  If I need additional stress, I'll just decide to throw her another party just for kicks.

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